PA ACTIVATIONS (Requires Pre-Approval)


About Pallas Athena Activation Calls: The activations are under the leadership of Pallas Athena and The Ascended Masters, via our dear Dr. Norma. You would be joining the Masters and Lightworkers around the world on these very serious activations that serve our Mother Earth at large. Pallas Athena and The Ascended Masters are wanting only those who are very dedicated and disciplined to serve at that very high level.

The activations take place once every 3 months during the Equinoxes and Solstices - March, June, September and December. Each activation will typically include 2-3 separate conference calls. Dates and times are announced closer to the event months, but typically happen around the dates close to the time of the full moon. The conference calls/activations last about one-hour each.

If you are interested, you will have a brief conversation with Dr. Norma (via phone and/or email) so she can get a feel for where you are on your path, and to officially welcome you to the community of Lightworkers who have dedicated their services to these activations for about 11 years now. We look forward to your participation! Much Love & Light.

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