Lightwavez Boot


It's now easier to help sore, tired feet with the new and improved Light Boot!

Our new enhanced design is so much easier to put on and it covers more of the foot and reaches farther up the leg! Your choice of Red and Infrared, or Blue and Infrared!

Each boot delivers 146 sq. inches of coverage and produced 64 joules per minute via 85 infrared LED's and 68 Colored LED's. You now have the choice of six controllers, too! Nogier, Solfeggio, or Chakra Single Controllers, or Nogier, Solfeggio, or Chakra Two-Boot Controllers!

Light Boot Specifications: Now the new Light Boot has 19% more light; 25% more diodes, and covers 20% more area. It now goes higher up the foot and higher up the calf. Enlighten the foot with more light covering a wider area than possible before.

85 Infrared LED's (880 nm)
68 Colored LED's (430 nm blue; 640 nm red)
146 Square Inch Coverage
Produces 64 Joules/Minutes

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