Takionic Energy Head Bands - Indicate Color - White or Black.

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Improves your mental state

Researchers say that your brain peaks (reaches the alpha state) every 90 minutes. This is when you are most alert, creative and yet relaxed. MRI studies show that you can achieve this alpha state within minutes using the Takionic HeadBand. Hundreds of tests conducted on students and adults revealed that this unique headband improved their mathematical test scores by as much as 20-30%. The headband delays mental fatigue and heightens focus and concentration. These are not ordinary wristbands. Thermographic studies show how these amazing WristBands improve circulation -- the sluggish flow of blood and vital life energy (chi) in your body. Wear these special wristbands while playing sports, working on the computer, driving, painting, etc -- anytime you need more strength and steadiness in your hands. Avail. Colors: Black or White

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