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Welcome to my web site . . .
. . . a place to come for answers on your Spiritual Path.

Dr. Norma J. Milanovich is a messenger for the Ascended Masters regarding Earth's transition into the Fifth Dimension. Earth is entering the Age of Aquarius, a higher dimension of time/space, and the Ascended Masters are lovingly guiding humanity through this portal. Although many do not understand it yet, we are candidates for citizenship of a higher world! As a result, our bodies, minds, and Spirits are slowly becoming integrated and healed. Some on Earth are even moving into their Light Bodies. In a “twinkling of an eye” humanity is becoming enLIGHTened, and many on Earth are also becoming Christed Beings.

This phenomenal process represents the greatest journey we will ever experience, because individuals worldwide have the opportunity to become self realized in the Light of God. Much joy and fulfillment accompany this journey, but success is also received through: dedication to a higher cause, hard work, world service, discipline, and a loving and kind heart.

The teachings of the Celestials displayed in this website help people understand how to move on their spiritual journeys with ease and grace. We hope you identify with what is said on these pages. If you do, give us a call or try the workshops and/or other things we offer that guarantee to accelerate your journey into the Light.

Check out ALL our categories! The path to higher consciousness is truly an integrated process!

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Dr. Norma J. Milanovich

Dr. Norma J. Milanovich


We recognize that “there are many paths to Spiritual Mastery, but only ONE way — which is through enLIGHTenment”. Enlightenment leads to
God Consciousness
and one's ultimate power.

Spiritual Warriors learn that the kingdom within the mind is the key to enLIGHTenment and this must never be surrendered! Freedom is the ultimate goal for all engaged in Spiritual Mastery. Acquiring freedom opens the doorway to Higher Consciousness and this leads to mastering one's body, mind, and soul.

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