The LightWaveZ Technology


Look 5 to 10 Years YOUNGER in Minutes!

Erase the appearance of wrinkles, age spots, sun damage, stretch marks, broken capillaries, acne, course skin, large pores, and other age produced flaws!

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Are you “stuck” in creating:

  • Your dream relationship
  • Greater prosperity in your life
  • Excellent health
  • The perfect job for yourself
  • The perfect family and home life?

Come to this two-day workshop and learn the secrets of how to successfully change your life by redirecting the flow of Chi energy around you. The Chinese have used “Feng Shui” for thousands of years to improve their personal and business lives and fortunes.

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Do you yearn for excellent health, but cannot find a way to experience it?

Are you cautious about taking medicines that put toxic chemicals in your body?

Have you tried numerous remedies, only to be disappointed because your body was not responding?

If you are committed to feeling better and want a non-evasive technology that WORKS AMAZINGLY FAST in helping you regain optimal health, then consider this incredible technology.

This amazing, simple machine kills disease germs in minutes, without the harmful chemicals and toxins received from ordinary medicine. Can it be more simple than this?

Sadly, the health of the majority of people in the US has declined over the last two decades. Today, many are afflicted with illnesses that are diagnosed as chronic and difficult. Traditional medicines are just not responding because many drugs actually harm the person more than they cure the diseases. This reality has resulted in a growing number of class action law suits directed toward pharmaceutical companies.

There is an alternative way to take charge of our health and fight diseases. Millions have tried this amazing technology and have gotten the relief they were waiting to experience.

The BCX Ultra is the finest on the market today. Read about this technology (right column on this page). Then take 10 minutes and view the video of Dr. Royal Rife (below), the man who invented this technology decades ago.

Just like there is a car in every garage, and a phone and computer in every home, we need to have this incredible technology too! For a small price and a ONE-TIME PURCHASE, you can take control of your health again. All you do is program the appropriate frequencies into the machine and then hold the ultra violet tubes. The frequencies do the job and kill the pathogens in your bodies that are causing the diseases. NO FREQUENCY CAN HARM YOUR BODY.

Call us and we can ship one of these amazing machines to you quickly.

It's that easy! Try it and see for yourself. You won't be disappointed.


BCX Ultra

The BCX ULTRA has Radio Frequency (RF) in both glass tubes and electrodes that you can use simultaneously.

The ray tubes produce a higher voltage while the electrodes produce a higher current. This combination produces even better results in your research on killing unwanted microbes.

The greatest breakthrough in all our manufacturing years has been the spike wave. A close second is utilizing the RF carrier wave.

All of our other features have been added to optimize to a fuller extent these 2 great pillars in devitalizing dangerous microbes. The BCX ULTRA offers many features other frequency devices do not. Dr. Rife used Ray tubes and so do we.

Our hand held ray tubes are one very important feature allowing you to put the frequencies right where they are needed for maximum benefits.

For optimal health, try a this amazing machine!

Biomagnetic-Crystal CatalystsProtective Crystal Catalyst Pendant

Did you know that radiation from cell phones, computers, televisions, microwaves, and other electronic devices reduces the body’s ability to absorb and utilize nutrients? It is rapidly becoming known that repeated exposure to radiation without protection can stress and deplete the cellular system and major organs of the body.

For years, I have used and continue to encourage others to use Catalyst Bead and their other products to combat radiation. Let’s give the body a natural chance to create proper functioning glands and healthy cells without the bombardment of toxic radiation.

CLICK HERE to see an Aura Photography demonstrating the effects of radiation from an active cell phone with and without the Crystal Catalyst cellular phone bead.

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