Why Essential Oils Are Essential

What are Essential Oils?

Essential oils are the subtle, aromatic, and volatile liquids extracted from the flowers, seeds, leaves, stems, bark, and roots of herbs, shrubs, and trees through distillation. They are the oldest form of medicine and cosmetic known to man, and were considered more valuable than gold.

There are 188 references to oils in the Bible. The wise men brought the Christ Child gold, frankincense, and myrrh. Clinical research now shows that frankincense oil contains very high immune stimulating properties. Science is only now beginning to investigate the incredible healing substances found in essential oils.

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Celestial Voices is a newsletter containing messages sent from the Ascended Masters.

The Ascended Masters continually transmit profound information in these newsletters that contain practical ideas for changing our lives.

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Some individuals prefer sessions that are longer than a reading, but shorter than a 3-Day Intensive session. These sessions can be scheduled for personal counseling with Dr. Norma J. Milanovich and/or the Ascended Masters at $179.00 per hour. Call or email the office in advance to schedule this time, and we will accommodate your schedule.

There is no restriction regarding the topics to be addressed. Whatever a person's concerns, the Ascended Masters will always give the highest perspective to the individual for solving the problem(s) or understanding the situation. These sessions are magical and can be conducted either by phone or by person.

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The Light Shall Set You Free

Dr. Norma J. Milanovich
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The Light Shall Set You Free

This book has the power to revolutionize the world. It contains some of the greatest Spiritual Teachings from the Ancient Mystery Schools, plus instruction on how to apply these teachings to our everyday lives. Information revealed in this book has not been made available to humanity before now.

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Bringing Forth God’s Divine Plan on Earth...

For more than 20 years, Athena Leadership Center has led thousands of Light Workers on these magical journeys. All of the journeys have spiritual agendas that fulfill a higher purpose. Individuals who sign up for these journeys “hear” the call of their souls.

These journeys continue to this day, with full enrollments on each trip. Perhaps the next journey is the one for you!

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