Celestial Voices Newsletter

Celestial Voices is a newsletter containing messages sent from the Ascended Masters.

The Ascended Masters continually transmit profound information in these newsletters that contain practical ideas for changing our lives.

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Dr. Norma J. Milanovich schedules a LIMITED number of personal readings with the Ascended Masters.

These readings are by phone, and last about one hour.

Dr. Norma J. Milanovich journeys inter-dimensionally during the session to serve as the liaison between the Ascended Masters and you for the purpose of:

  1. Obtaining Critical Information about You and Your Mission on Earth and
  2. Facilitating Spiritual Accelerations.

Cost for a one-hour reading by phone is $179.00.

If you would like to request a reading and be placed on the list, select the link below and provide your name and phone number. These readings are done on a very LIMITED basis - we thank you in advance for your patience.



Self-Empowerment Workshop With
Dr. Norma J. Milanovich

You will:

  • Activate the 12 chakras
  • Learn about tests of initiation
  • Apply universal laws to your life
  • Learn that life is about mastery - Discover the basics
  • Get more self control in your life
  • Improve your life through breathing techniques
  • Discover the 4 forms of energy which explain why we're all created equal
  • Receive a transmission from Ascended Master Kuthumi

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Are you “stuck” in creating:

  • Your dream relationship
  • Greater prosperity in your life
  • Excellent health
  • The perfect job for yourself
  • The perfect family and home life?

The Chinese have used Feng Shui for thousands of years to improve their personal and business lives and their fortunes. Feng Shui Formulas are so powerful that, at one time, only the Emperors of China had access to this knowledge. Only recently, has this knowledge been available to Westerners, as well.

If you are interested in hosting a two-day workshop with Dr. Milanovich, please email us at or call us at 480-767-5346 and leave a message. In this workshop you will learn how to bring auspicious luck into your life, through Feng Shui.

The information will change your life forever - guaranteed!!!


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3-Day Intensives

Experience Intensive, One-on-One Sessions with the Ascended Masters.

Each person receives:

  • Customized Sessions with the Ascended Masters for nearly 3 days.
  • Inter-dimensional sessions that reveal a person’s mission in life.
  • Removal of blockages that keep people from their power.
  • Solutions on how to conquer their challenges.

Included in the program are:

  • One-on-One attention from Dr. Milanovich
  • Instructional Materials for each session
  • Uninterrupted, focused sessions that explore topics assigned by the Masters
  • Channeled Readings – on an on-going basis
  • Customized EPFX/SCIO Harmonization
  • Health Knowledge for our Higher Bodies
  • Breakfasts (3) and Lunches (3), (Dinners may be eaten out)
  • A Quiet, Serene Place to Study while participating in the program

This program requires a MAJOR COMMITMENT from one who is serious about spiritual advancement.

Although the content of each session is different for each person, everyone who comes gets EXACTLY WHAT THEY NEED. It is the intent of this program that each individual leaves with a strong sense of spiritual purpose, enthusiasm for the future, and a sense of security never felt before. These all come because of increased confidence and a closer alignment with one’s Light Body, as a result of the sessions.

Individuals must be very sincere about acceleration on their spiritual paths. These sessions guarantee that! Each person is screened for acceptance into this program. No more than one session will be conducted each month, so sign up NOW to get on the list.

Sessions are now being accepted for 2023-2024.

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A Message From Master Kuthumi...

As 2012 approaches and time accelerates into a quantum spiral, Galactic Light Workers will be greatly affected by this phenomenon, especially at the DNA and subatomic levels of their souls. Each will go through a critical attunement that aligns the soul to the Adam Kadmon Oversoul, or the governing presence for the millennium.

The Celestial Hierarchy offers assistance to these souls for safe passage into this new reality and world that await them. Since the galactic shift is destined to bring about a closer alignment with the citizens of the higher dimensions, we offer to assist in this endeavor. We can and will provide the guidance, instruction, and attunements necessary for each soul who wishes to journey forward with our help. These sessions will:

  • Collapse time,
  • Create new realities,
  • Rejuvenate bodies and souls, and
  • Re-configure a person’s lower nine bodies.

All of this WILL occur within a few days of concentrated devotion to the Light.

Only the membership of what is traditionally called the 144,000 should participate at this time. In the future, others will be welcomed and encouraged to come. At this time, however, only those who are designated as Leaders of the Millennium are requested to step forward and receive the benefits of these sessions, designed by Melchizedek himself.

Thank you for offering your services to a higher cause, once again. Thank you for holding the Light for the world. We wait now to work with this high group of Masters as we, together, complete additional steps connected to consciousness transformation.

Adonai in the Light of the Most High. I AM your respectful servant and guide, Kuthumi.

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One to three individuals may attend any one session. The number depends upon how much individualized attention is required by the person.

In addition to the above, each individual will also receive:

A customized diagnosis and attunement on the QXCI that could include:

  • Emotional Clearings
  • Past Life Relationships and Unresolved Issues
  • Neurolinguistic Reprogramming for Significant Problems in One’s Life
  • Connections to the Cosmos and Universal Mind
  • Reprogramming Karma
  • Releasing Negativity and Subconscious Anger
  • Releasing Spiritual Attacks and Suppression
  • Increasing creativity
  • Improving Self-Confidence
  • Reversing the Aging Process
  • And much more!


In a perfect world I could design programs that were free! Light Workers know that day is coming but, to date, I have not found anyone who can actually do this and still pay the bills, feed their families, pay employees, etc. The success of my work is dependent upon my time and involvement in a project and the cost of this customized program reflects that focus. Thus, we have calculated the cost of this Customized Program in the following way:

Cost for one individual attending: $3,120

Cost per multiple people will vary depending on individual circumstances.

Full payment must be received thirty days in advance to hold the space. We prefer checks, but will take credit card, cash, or money orders.

Our cancellation policy is tough, due to the advanced reservations that must be made, and the careful scheduling of multiple people’s time and lives.

Any cancellation made within the thirty days before the session will result in no refund, unless a replacement is found by the participant and that individual is accepted by Dr. Milanovich. If a replacement is found, 90% of the monies will be refunded.

Individuals are required to purchase their own airline tickets and take a taxi to the designated location of the sessions.

Hotel reservations will be made for individuals, and we will match you with your roommate(s), if you so wish.

Accommodation charges are the expense of the participant.

Each Intensive Program runs for 2 1/2 days, but Individuals must plan to arrive on the evening (after 7pm) before the first day's session begins. Airline reservations should be scheduled for departure after 3 p.m. on the fourth day.

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