Spiritual Readings

If you would like to request a personal reading with Dr. Norma Milanovich, Email us at info@athenalctr.com in advance to schedule a date and time, and we will put on the list to be scheduled.

These readings are by phone, and last about one hour. Dr. Norma J. Milanovich journeys inter-dimensionally during the session to serve as the liaison between the Ascended Masters and you for the purpose of: Obtaining Critical Information about You and Your Mission on Earth and Facilitating Spiritual Accelerations. Cost for a one-hour reading by telephone is $179.00.

Please do not make a payment until you are confirmed for a date and time. Thank you.

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Personal Spiritual Readings - Confirmed Appointments ONLY

Personal Spiritual Readings - Confirmed Appointments ONLY

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Only use this payment method if you have been CONFIRMED for a session via our office. Making a "purchase" without confirmation will...