Feng Shui

Feng Shui means "wind and water," or the two major forces that affect our lives. It is a study of Qi. A Feng Shui Master studies the patterns of Qi and then analyzes the relationships between elements and forms, Trigram Charts, Star combinations, phases, annual numbers and Flying Stars, and even personal data related to the people living or working in a building, and then applies Feng Shui formulas to shift the Qi to support the people. It is an amazing and often exact science, resulting in predictions that change people's lives for the better.

Dr. Norma J. Milanovich, Feng Shui Practioner can help you in many ways. She can:

Conduct a Feng Shui Analysis for your home and/or business. CLICK HERE for sample analysis.

Planning to move? She can write a Customized Feng Shui Report that will assist you to select a more perfect home/apartment for you. CLICK HERE for sample report.

Come to your area and conduct a Feng Shui Workshop.

Conduct Feng Shui consultations via the phone.

Please email info@athenalctr.com for quotes and dates for these services, or CLICK HERE to request more information.

Join Us on January 25, 2020 for a 4-Hour Online Class - Bazi and Flying Star Feng Shui. If interested email us at orders@athenalctr.com.

2020 Monthly Flying Stars Feng Shui Remedies. If you would like more information email us at orders@athenalctr.com.

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Art of Feng Shui - Software: SPECIAL REDUCED PRICE

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