The Light Shall Set You Free


By Dr. Norma Milanovich and Dr. Shirley McCune

The Ascended Masters state this book is destined to transform the world. Contained within these pages are some of the greatest spiritual teachings from the ancient mystery schools, plus instruction on how to apply these teachings to our everyday lives. Some of the information revealed here has not been made available before now. All of the information, if applied to our everyday lives, has the power to revolutionize the world.

In the past, only adept, saints, apostles, mystics, and high priests and priestesses were allowed access to this instruction. With this knowledge, these individuals ruled and empowered themselves and civilizations, using the power that came with this knowledge to create and heal. Common folk leaned heavily on these spiritual elite for solutions to their problems, for the masses had acquired neither the discipline nor the strength of will it took to master the teachings on their own. Learning and applying these truths require lifetimes of discipline and dedication. More importantly, mastering the knowledge demanded that one be accountable for his or her own actions – a responsibility the masses were not ready to accept.

The Ascended masters, however, decree that the time has come for everyone to learn these teachings and share in the responsibility for transforming life and the world. Admittance into the Fifth Dimension demands this of all. Therefore, all who read this book must be forewarned that access to this knowledge automatically holds the soul accountable for its part of creation and each will be judged accordingly! The portal now stands open for all to pass through to collectively build the Seventh Golden Age on Earth.

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