Frequency Harmonizer Crystal Catalyst© Pendants


Relieves distress caused by exposure to harsh environmental frequencies.
Sooths discomfort caused by exposure to wireless radiation.
Enhances Life Energy and increases resistance to stress.
High-Graded Stones (highest quality).
Created by Professional Dowsers.
Made by hand in the USA since 1986!

How does the Frequency Harmonizer Pendant work?
Biomagnetic's Frequency Harmonizer EMF Pendant utilizes a Crystal Catalyst® Bead to provide personal EMF Protection, along with ancient healing gemstones that have been used to improve the function of the chakras for the past 6000 years.

What does it do? .
The Frequency Harmonizer Pendant provides personal EMF Protection, continuous energy energy enhancement and helps to sooth discomfort caused by exposure to harsh environmental frequencies. This Pendant is especially useful for relieving distress from exposure to wireless radiations.

What other gemstones does the Frequency Harmonizer Pendant contain?
The gemstones used in the Pendant are called high-graded. This means they are of the highest quality. These stones have not been dyed or unnaturally altered in any way.

The Frequency Harmonizer Pendant is composed of Lapis Lazuli, Turquoise, Carnelian Agate, Crystal Catalyst®, Amber and Red Jasper . The Pendant has been dowsed out by professional dowsers for maximum strength. That means it's not just about the stones, but it's also about the position of the stones in relation to one another. The positioning, plus the inclusion of the Crystal Catalyst® Bead, creates a synergistic effect.

Lapis Lazuli helps to build and shield the aura.
Turquoise strengthens and aligns all chakras, meridians and subtle energy bodies.
Carnelian Agate used to aid in the treatment of nervous disorders.
Crystal Catalyst® Bead literally works as a catalyst to greatly enhance and multiply the action of these stone combinations on the etheric body, as well as providing personal EMF protection and continuous energy enhancement. The Bead also keeps the Pendant from storing negativity and needing clearing.
Amber absorbs and transmutes negative energy into positive energy.
Red Jasper provides rescue in situations of danger.

Tip: Good to wear over the breastbone so it touches the skin.

How do I use the Frequency Harmonizer Pendant? .
It's easy to use! Wear it as a necklace or carry it in a pocket. Some people use it on their keychain. Great to keep under the pillow at night or on a nearby nightstand. Be creative. Make sure to visualize 'soothing energy' however you use it. OK to use with a metal chain.*

* Chain not included with Pendant.

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