What is the Tri-Pak used for? A handy and versatile resonator, the Tri-Pak is used to clear incoming wired electromagnetic frequencies from power lines, power towers, transformer boxes and substations. Also great for clearing wired frequencies from your car.

Place a Tri-Pak in your car to clear radiation coming from the battery, wiring and dashboard. If you drive a hybrid car, the Tri-Pak is a must for clearing the car's main battery.

Live near power lines. high-tension power towers, substations and/or the neighborhood transformer box? Not a problem for the Tri-Pak. One or more Tri-Paks placed strategically in your home will clear all incoming wired frequencies from the above culprits.

The Tri-Pak is also a favorite for clearing electrical boxes and fluorescent light banks. To protect yourself from airplane radiation (and to help avoid the symptoms of Jet Lag) be sure to take one with you on your next flight!

How does it work?

The Tri-Pak uses Crystal Catalyst® Technology to transform hazardous radiation into beneficial frequencies. Crystal Catalyst® Technology is a new advanced ceramic material whose unique composition enables it to 'clean' harmful frequencies, rendering them harmonious and strengthening to the body.

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