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A Tone CD:
Balance your Seven Major Chakras by simply listening and tuning in to the sounds and vibrational frequencies of this very wonderful and effective CD.
It can help to enhance your meditations too.

The Tone of A is also known as the sound of "Creation".

Suggestions for Meditations

Side A - A Tone
Listen to the vibration of the music and let go.
Imagine you are sitting in the center of a three-dimensional gridline embracing the whole world.
Imagine gridlines in all directions (up-down, forward-backward, left-right) passing your body,
and that you are sending out the vibrations of the music, the frequency "A", or "The Universal Sound" in all directions.

Side B - Chakra Balancing
Seven Notes - Seven Energy Centers

First tone C, Red, Base Chakra.
Imagine a red ball of energy. Let it spin between your hands and place it
on your base chakra. When the music changes tone, repeat the procedure for
each tone/color.

2nd tone D, Orange, Sexual Chakra.
3rd tone E, Yellow, Solar Plexus.
4th tone F, Green, Heart Chakra.
5th tone G, Lt. Blue, Throat Chakra.
6th tone A, Indigo Blue, Third Eye.
7th tone B, Violet, Crown Chakra.

Now you have balanced your seven major Chakras. Good luck!

Copyright 1995 Berg/Westberg, Sweden. All Rights Reserved.
Published by Athena Leadership Center.

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