Healing a Rift in Time - Available via USB Drive


In 2001, 124 Light Workers gathered in Rome, Italy, over the Fall Equinox, to pray for world peace. The group was guided there by the Celestial Hierarchy because a Celestial Portal of Light was to open at that time. These individuals carried the codes for activating this etheric chamber for the world. The event was facilitated by the Ascended Masters Sananda and Kuthumi, and Dr. Norma J. Milanovich.

Prior to the event, Norma was guided to connect to Paul Armitage and request that he be present. Paul an amazing Musical sensitive, connects to an inidividual's vibrations and captures soul portraits in music. Paul was asked to connect to Higher Self and “hear” the symphony of the group’s oversoul as the members collectively released the codes to activate the Roman Portal for the world. These extraordinary compositions contain these codes.

Hearing this music, the listener receives the codes, even though not having attended the event, which predisposes the Individual to, more quickly, embrace peace, love and Oneness.

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