Solar Initiations - Available via USB Drive


The Celestial Hierarchy's Plan describes a new root race of humans emerging on Earth with abilities and skills not seen since Atlantis. Dr. Norma J. Milanovich presents the profile of the new Adam Kadmon, and explains how this connects to the process of the re-unification of the Twin Flames. We are preparing to manifest the leadership for creating the Seventh Golden Age on Earth.

Included in These Six Powerful Audio CDs...

  • The Fifth Dimensions Laws and Rules

  • How to Communicate Telepathically

  • Expanding the Effects of Our Auric Fields

  • The Four Levels of ESP

  • Communicating with Your Power Animals

  • Soul Travel to Other Dimensions

  • Remote Viewing

  • Solar Initiation

PLUS: Advanced Aromatherapy and Accelerating our Five Senses and Our Body Temples with Essential Oils!

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