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Biomagnetic's Cell Phone Tab uses Crystal Catalyst® Technology to transform hazardous microwave radiation into beneficial frequencies. Crystal Catalyst® Technology is a new advanced ceramic material whose unique composition enables it to 'clean' harmful frequencies, rendering them harmonious and strengthening to the body.

If you're like most people, you use a cell phone. And you use it a lot. And chances are you carry it around with you. You keep it in your purse, backpack or pant's pocket. And you probably think that's OK because you keep it turned off. The truth about cell phones is, they are never turned off! That's right, your cell phone is searching for a signal even as you read this. Doesn't matter whether it's turned off or not. Cell phones are always active.

OK. So your cell phone is always on. What's so bad about that anyway? Two words. Microwave radiation.

Your cell phone emits a ton of radiation The same radiation your microwave oven uses to cook your frozen dinner. To get technical, its called wireless or RF(radio frequency) radiation and its not good for your body. Unless you're interested in cooking your tissues( the frozen dinner will taste better) and causing permanent DNA damage, there ain't much need for this radiation.

Oh yeah, go ask the FDA what they think of this radiation. They'll give you the usual song and dance. Tell you there aren't enough studies to prove its hazardous, blah, blah, blah. Folks, there are a slew of studies linking cell phone radiation to brain tumors, cancer, blindness, birth defects, autism, ADD, sleeping disorders, autoimmune illnesses and hypertension. The FDA likes to only count the studies they pay for, which always seem to result in 'inconclusive' evidence.

We're not conspiracy theorists, but we are a bit skeptical of multinational corporations and how they tend to affect government regulations on stuff like cell phones. You can spend hours researching cell phone radiation hazards, but sometimes actions speak louder than words.

While you're researching cell phone radiation, you might want to think about clearing your own cell phone and maybe the cell phones of your loved ones. Because once you read all the geeky cell phone facts listed below, you're not going to want to use that thing without first clearing it.

Clearing it? How do you do that? It sounds kinda new agey. Are you gonna make me sage it and then chant?

The ability to clear cell phone radiation is as old as quartz crystal. Quartz and other gemstones from the earth are natural filters for radiation. Some really smart guy(Robert McKusick) figured out a formula that takes the natural filtering properties of quartz and gemstones to a new level. He calls the ceramic material made from his formula Crystal Catalyst®. He's been making it for over 23 years.

There's nothing fancy or flashy about it. No mention of your bio-field.(What the heck is a bio-field?! Do they mean your aura?) Isn't that what clairvoyants see? Good thing Robert and his wife Charmion have over 60 years experience in psychic healing...they'll make sure the Cell Phone Tab helps your, um, bio-field.

If you want to use your cell phone and not be radiated, you want to go with Biomagnetics Cell Phone Tab. Sure, there are a bunch of devices on the market, but we all now about pyramid marketing and mass produced schlock in China. And that's pretty much what you're getting if you go with anything else

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