3-Hole Resonator©


What is the 3-Hole used for? The 3-Hole is a handy resonator to have. You can use it to neutralize wired electromagnetic frequencies from any electronic appliance in your home or office that plugs into an outlet or runs on a battery, such as computers and TVs. Tip: If you are looking to clear wireless frequencies coming from a device, you want to use its sister resonator, the Star 3-Hole.

How does it work?
Biomagnetic's 3-Hole uses Crystal Catalyst® Technology to transform hazardous radiation into beneficial frequencies. Crystal Catalyst® Technology is a new advanced ceramic material whose unique composition enables it to 'clean' harmful frequencies, rendering them harmonious and strengthening to the body.

What does the 3-Hole neutralize?
It's great for clearing a bunch of standard electronic devices that most of us have in our homes or offices. Use it to clear:
    water heaters
    electric alarm clocks (including battery-operated)
    air purifiers
    air conditioners
    portable heaters
    kitchen appliance
    remote controls
    stereo equipment
    electric toothbrushes
    electric shavers
    electric blankets (we don't recommend using, but if you must...)
    fax machines
    DVD players
    digital cameras
    wired routers
    power strips
    corded phones
    answering machines
    music equipment
    car dashboards

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